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Early Bronco electrical diagrams in COLOR!

1966-1967 ignition starting charging systems and gauges

1966-1967 exterior lights and turn signals

1968 headlight switch

1968 fuse panel

1968-1969 exterior lights and turn signals

1968-1971 ignition starting charging systems and gauges

1970-1971 exterior lights and turn signals

1972 Index

1972 01-09

1972 10-19

1972 20-30

1972 31-38

1972 38-45

1973-1974 Index

1973-1974 01-05

1973-1974 06-11

1973-1974 12-16

1973-1974 17-21

1973-1974 22-28

1973-1974 27-32

1973-1974 33-39

1975-77 Index

1975-77 01-05

1975-77 06-10

1975-77 11-16

1975-77 17-21

1975-77 22-27

1975-77 28-32

1975-77 33-37

1975-77 38-43

1975-77 44-48


  • The diagrams I used for these came from N8's site and other places.
  • Originally I colored the ones for '68 for my own purposes knowing it would be easier to read. After I put them here to share I got requests to do the rest so I happily obliged, it being the least I could do, to give back to the EB community which has helped me so much.
  • 1973-74 required me finding the 'missing' 7th page which I eventually did.
  • 1975-77 necessitated some creative changes. The originals used repeating numbers which was too confusing. I have fixed that in this set so if you save these you'll need the revised index from here as well.
  • If you want to print them, you'll face some challenges. All are too large to fit on one page. You could use page setup to scale them to fit, but, the earlier ones (66-71) become unreadable if you shrink them that much. The inconvenient solution would be to take the files to a print shop like Kinko's. The later ones do seem to be readable after scaling but here you end up with many pages which doesn't strike me as very user friendly. There are solutions of course, but they seem to involve a lot of time and I may or may not get around to it.
  • There are aspects of these I'm not impressed with aside from the above mentioned size issue. Notice that in 1975-77 the headlight switch appears three times. Couldn't the original designer find a better way? I do like the way the earlier ones are laid out. Easy to follow a wire and see what's what. I've thought about joining the pages for the later ones (1972-77). They are made in obvious page sets, but again free time may or may not happen.

Bronco Jigsaw Puzzle (requires java plugin)

My '68 Bronco